Cresco Markets provides multiple solutions to clients across different industries. These are some of our key clients.
Aries Investment Management

Aries Investment Management is a registered fund management company licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Aries Investment aims to provide customised solutions for their clients based on their unique investment objectives.

In addition to the usual corporate services, Cresco Markets provides regulatory and compliance related services that aids Aries Investment in its day-to-day operations, and in meeting their compliance obligations with MAS.


Trustiics is a legal marketplace that leverages the expertise of the best-trained legal professionals in foreign jurisdictions (with China being our first market) to provide expedient and high-quality consultation to international small and medium-sized businesses and individuals facing legal issues in that particular market. They provide a platform where international businesses and individuals such as expats can access direct, convenient and affordable legal services provided by well-trained English-speaking legal professionals from the local jurisdiction.

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VK Glory Minchem (Singapore)

VK Glory is principally engaged in the business of trading of chemical products such as magnesium. The shareholders of VK Glory operate another company with the same business in China called VK Glory International Co. Ltd.

Big Bang Seabreeze and Group of Companies

Big Bang Seabreeze operates businesses in the F&B industry and watersports industry.

Big Bang Seabreeze currently has the following businesses:

  • Singapore Island Hoppers
  • Ola Café