To stay ahead in this evolving climate, we are pleased to offer Virtual Business Services – customised, contactless solutions tailored to suit your business needs.


Seeking financial analysis services as you have no time to carry out a complete financial analysis of your financial statements?

No time to calculate the overtime pay for your employees and thinking of sourcing for accounting and financial services?

Don’t fret!

With the Virtual Business Services, you can receive business support in areas such as accounting and financial services, compliance services, regulatory services, human resource services, financial analysis services, valuation services, due diligence support, restructuring services and various other corporate services – all virtually. Let us step in and help with the mundane tasks while you focus on other areas!


We are offering services under 5 key areas:


Under the Virtual Business Services, we are offering 3 exciting schemes:

  • Ad Hoc Scheme
  • Credit Package Scheme
  • Bundle Scheme


For clients who only want to pay for selected business support service(s) as and when necessary, we have the Ad Hoc Scheme.

For clients who wish to receive services from different key areas and to attain cost-savings, we have the Credit Package Scheme. 


For clients who want to receive regular service(s) from one or more of the key areas, we have the Bundle Scheme.


For clients who require accounting and financial services, this bundle is for you:


For clients who require corporate services, this bundle is for you:


For clients who require human resource services, this bundle is for you:


For clients who require financial analysis services, this bundle is for you:


Want to find out more about the credit package, bundles offered, and full list of services offered and their fees under our Virtual Business Services? Find out more here or contact us today:

Phone call: 6221 3767

WhatsApp: 9176 9361

Email: enquiries@cresco-markets.com